My Approach

Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy

Everybody is different, therefore everyone’s health is different – so everybody’s needs, circumstances and capacity to implement changes are different, too. That is why I am combining various elements from the Naturopathic tradition, also known as ‘Nature Cure’, with modern Nutritional therapy. Both of these together can take a patient’s health -emotionally, mentally and physically – to their optimal level of well being.

1. General Nutritional Advice

Your day-to-day diet is the foundation for your wellbeing and your long term ‘pension plan’ – Motivational steps to implement realistic changes will be developed together.

This is fundamental to both sexes and every age group as well as for pregnant women, growing children, teenagers and the elderly.

2. Tailored Supplement Programs

Supplements (e.g. minerals, vitamins etc. will be discussed and explained to you in detail. How they can be integrated and match your personal life style and budget will be considered, too.

3. Tailored Diet Regimes

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Alongside to specific nutritional therapeutics there are ‘medicinial’/ ‘healing’ diets for particular illnesses (acute or chronic) or conditions:

Any inflammatory disease (Arthritis, Gout.), PMS or Menopausal complaints, Cancer (also alongside Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy), Blood sugar disregulation, degenerative eye diseases, skin/ hair/ nail conditions, all digestive concerns (IBS or Inflammatory Bowel disease, constipation etc.), Behavioural and Learning difficulties, Infertility, before/ during and after pregnancy, weight loss and weight management etc.

Shopping lists, recipes, helpful product information and handouts will be provided.

4. Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower essences help with any mental or emotional issues. They are highly supportive alongside counselling and psychotherapy. Loss and bereavement, depression, emotional crises, concerns of

self and body image, sexuality and libido, major life changes and transitions.

5. Naturopathy

Salt baths, Thermal therapy, Schuessler’s tissue salts and Celloids, Herbs, Glandular therapy and (Complex) Homeopathy may also be part of the treatment programme to promote the body’s self-healing response.

6. Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy which is a very gentle, non invasive, but nevertheless highly effective type of body work, can accompany any of the other treatment modalities.

7. Eating Disorder Counselling

Any form of compulsive eating or drinking have to be understood not solely from a psychological perspective. Correcting nutritional deficiencies, the brain’s and gut’s bio-chemistry, and blood sugar imbalances, are paramount for overcoming these conditions.

8. Pre Conceptual Care

The charity ‘Foresight’ offers an alternative approach to expensive mainstream infertility treatment: Their integrative approach increases your chances of conception, preventing miscarriage

and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Optimising your nutritional status through diet and supplements is also recommended for IVF and other assisted fertility treatments.

9. Wellness Products

‘Investing into your future health’ before falling ill, is the concept of ‘preventative’ medicine.

Advice on the use of particular Wellness products of exceptional quality, which are all designed to accelerate self-healing through re-addressing our most essential needs:

The need for purest water, sufficient sunlight, ionised air and deeply restorative sleep.

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